Red Light Violation Detection


TrafficMon red light violation detection system (RLVD) is the best in class video based Red Light enforcement system comprising of overview camera and the ANPR camera. Overview camera shows the entire violation scenario and  ANPR camera captures the image of number plate of the violating vehicle. The system takes input from traffic light and starts capturing red light violation as soon as traffic signal turns red. It does not require lane disciplined traffic for violation detection. TrafficMon comes with the state of the art, user-friendly Graphical User interface (GUI) for seamless operation.

State of the art Graphical User interface (GUI) provides following information:

  •     Image of the vehicle
  •     Image of the number plate
  •     text conversion of number plate after OCR
  •     Date, Time and location of offense

The system can be integrated with RTO/relevant database for e-Challan generation

Red Light Violation Detection system
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